Viaje (Journey) – Vicente Santiago

My name is Vicente Santiago. I was born in a very humble neighbourhood of a very humble village where the way of living and life itself were quite predictable (growing up, getting married and having children). However, since I was young I would want to learn and do many other things. I had the unconscious determination that when I liked or was attracted to something, I would simply learn and develop it without questioning whether it was possible or if I was capable. I don’t consider myself special or different; it’s just that most of people where I come from due to circumstances don’t normally have the chance to develop their passions. Following my curiosity and my desire to learn has taken me to different places, allowed me to meet diverse people, and has made me live unimaginable experiences for a person who comes from a Gypsy family. Even though I believe I am getting closer to knowing myself, I’m still here, trying to discover who I am. This performance is a musical journey through those places and experiences that have shaped me into the person you see and have led me to be here today, sharing the essence of who I am with you. So welcome to my dream, close your eyes, open your soul and heart, and let the music connect you with your own experiences.

The bird at the window – Trío Orfeo

The ORFEO guitar trio brings together guitarists from different musical backgrounds in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. ORFEO is composed of Ozan Sartepe (Turkey), Vicente José Santiago (Spain), and Álvaro Rovira Ruiz (Argentina). Despite their different musical styles, they found a connection playing their own compositions and arrangements together. Their repertoire includes classical, flamenco, and Latin American music. In their debut album, “The Bird at the Window,” recorded in 2022, they showcase a selection of compositions that reflect the diverse musical traditions of the guitarists and a genuine and original style that emerges when the three guitars come together.

Molinos y Gigantes – Haymah

Starting with the Eighty Years’ War as its point of departure, the Flemish group Haymah offers a reflection on times of struggle in the performance “Molinos Y Gigantes.” Along the path of music, dance, and emotion, they express the various aspects associated with these periods: terror, exile, hope, fatigue, victory on the battlefield, and the long-awaited peace.

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