I invite you to get into one the most authentic and genuine music of the world

From home. In English. Individual and personalized learning.

In my classes I like to work with people who not only want to play guitar but who are interested in understanding what flamenco really is, the particularities of each style, the essence, the spirit.

I have been living in the Netherlands for several years. Being abroad has made me realize how much love there is for flamenco outside of Spain, and it has also made me realize how difficult it can be for a person outside of our culture to learn this art.

When I was taking classes with a teacher, he would just play and I would learn, imitate him. If you have listened to that music since your childhood, that way of teaching might be enough, like a baby who starts talking by imitating. But if you haven’t had that opportunity, it’s very difficult to learn that way.

When an adult wants to learn a new language they have to understand the grammar, learn the vocabulary, morphology, syntax, etc… and that is, in my experience, the biggest barrier and one that nobody or almost nobody pays attention to when it comes to teaching.

My approach to teaching attacks exactly those weaknesses. Besides the notes, I pay a lot of attention to the rhythm, the technique, the language (variaciones, cierres, remates, falsetas, escobillas…), structures of the different styles, etc…

I like to transmit everything that Flamenco insiders know and don’t usually say, not because they don’t want to, but because it is something that is usually learned by intuition.

In music everything has its reason to be, every note, every phrase, every silence is there for a reason. It is a balance between tension and relaxation.

Mastery of the technique is fundamental so that there is no barrier when we want to create that tension-relaxation balance.

The language of flamenco guitar is not mysterious, but to understand it, it is necessary to know the words and their meaning.

If you want to understand all the secrets of flamenco guitar (or at least the ones I know), don’t hesitate to contact me. It’s a pleasure for me to share what I know about this beautiful art.

I wish you good luck with your journey in the world of flamenco.



I don’t know anything about flamenco or guitar, could you teach me?

Music, and flamenco in particular, does not exclude anyone. We all start from scratch. With love and a firm step you will learn, I guarantee it.

Is it easy or difficult to play flamenco?

Any new things you want to learn will require effort and commitment. Flamenco is not too easy, but if you like it, you will learn and improve quickly.

How long will I need to learn?

It will depend on your current level and your level of involvement. But, I can say, going from nothing to playing something satisfactory is a quick process.

What will the lessons be like?

Lessons will be online, via Skype or any other video call platform. Each lesson will be structured according to your level and personal goals.

When will the lessons take place?

We will agree on a personalized schedule adapted to your availability. The classes last one hour and you can choose whether you prefer one class per week or one class every two weeks.

What is the price per lesson?

The price for one hour class is 37 euros.

How can I make the payment?

Payments can be made via Paypal.

For any other question or for a first interview with me, do not hesitate to contact me

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