Accompanying the dancer Irene Álvarez and the singer Esteban Murillo at Tablao Flamenco Los Canasteros, Rotterdam


This is Vicente´s first work as a lead. After years settled in Rotterdam and as a result of the inner being´s search, this artist created “Memorias” (memories), which is not only a Project but the soundtrack of Vicente José Santiago´s life. There is a story behind every piece. Sadness, happiness, dead, love, heartbreak are mixed in this show, as life itself. In this show the guitar is the main character. All the music is written by Vicente José Santiago.

Tablao Flamenco Los Canasteros

A tablao is a place where flamenco shows take place. Heir to the old café cantante from the 1960s, it is usually a place with an intimate and concentrated atmosphere. Vicente José Santiago´s curiosity has led him to start up his own tablao flamenco called “Tablao Flamenco Los Canasteros” which is currently hosted by the concert hall ” Matrix” in Rotterdam.

Entre Dos Mundos

Entre Dos Mundos’ is Luna’s first album on which she sings about her life between two worlds: the Netherlands and Spain. On this cd, she gives a voice to themes like identity and desire, zest of life and sadness, love and loss. Luna takes Spanish flamenco as a starting point and combines this with her experience as a jazz singer and composer. Review in Jazzism, May 2017: ‘On ‘Entre Dos Mundos, passion flows abundantly. (…) She clearly dominates all facets of flamenco singing, which splashes off in the last couple of tracks that constantly sizzle and strike with lightning.’

Flamenco Guitar and Dance duo

The guitarist Vicente José Santiago together with the dancer Miki María Vos make a trip with their repertoire through the main styles and classical pieces of flamenco art. During the performance they also offer a small rhythm class where the aucience will clap and dance.

Traditional Flamenco Trío

A fascinating show with a singer,a guitarist and a dancer. The three artists together will bring the intimate, warm, and magic atmosphere from andalusia, making the audience feel different emotions with each flamenco style and creating unforgetable and powerful memories for all the spectators.

Past projects

El Quijote al compás de un sueño

Can you imagine the most famous knight-errant of all times dancing flamenco? Thanks to the company Prodigio BAF Talento we can enjoy a choreographic tour inspired by the work of Cervantes. More than twenty artists take to the stage to represent some scenes of the novel that collect the values, dreams and utopias of “El Quijote”, set with the original music of Gabriel Expósito and Vicente José Santiago.

We have had the opportunity to talk with the main protagonists of the work who have revealed to us some details of this peculiar work of Spanish and flamenco dance. The show can be seen from August 9 to the 26 of that same month at the Arteria Teatro Coliseum in Madrid.

After its premiere in Spain, the work will tour several cities in China. On September 2, 2012, the premiere will be held at Beijing’s POLY Grand Theater. Do not miss the press conference and the best images of the choreographies of Concha Jareño and Javier Latorre.


“Haymah” is a project that was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2015 as a result of the fusion of the “Vicente José Santiago Band” and “Flamenco Verkeerd”. They are musically influenced by guitar players like Paco de Lucía, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo or Antonio Rey and many flamenco singers and other artists. Their music mixes the old flamenco tradition with newer elements, like for example the flute or more uncommon percussion instruments.

Haymah is a flexible group that also searches for interesting ways to perform with other musicians, flamenco singers or dancers. They use the capacities of every musician in many different ways: solos, duos and trios of different members are also part of our show.

The band consists of Vicente José Santiago and Jur Vermijs on the guitars, Irene Gabarrón on the flute and Javier Infestas on percussion.

Ti An Guis

The name of the group is derived from the Mexican “tianguis”. A tianguis is an open air market or bazaar where many traditional types of merchandise, as well as modern goods, are sold. Similar to these markets ti-an-guis is a melting pot of colors, fragrances, shapes and sounds, thereby always surprising the audience.

“We love to play this kind of music. This repertoire bonds us almost like a family. It brings us so much joy and motivation that the only right thing to do is to play it and share it with our audience. The (musical) connection we have is so strong that we couldn’t imagine playing the same repertoire with other musicians.”

As ti-an-guis musicians are from different corners of the world (Mexico, Greece, Croatia, and Spain), their work ground is fruitful and open-minded. But it’s not only a cultural exchange; all of the musicians bring their individual musical experiences that wander through different musical genres, musical approaches and sounds. Choosing and forming the repertoire is a process of mutual collaboration.

The folkloric songs are chosen in their most traditional way and then taken on a journey of transformation: the band members collectively brainstorm possibilities of arranging, instrumentation and style that form the first sketches, which are then individually practiced, internalized and developed further.

It is an ongoing process, as for ti-an-guis, a developed arrangement of a song can be just a stepping stone to a new one. Each concert inspires, resulting in new ideas and approaches of playing the same song, and as such their music stays flexible, spontaneous and fresh.

Son de Rotterdam

Son de Rotterdam is an ensemble of guitar, voice, viola, flute and percussion which brings an intimate breeze from different parts of Latin America.